Friday, September 25, 2009

G-20 Summit

While all the chaos was happening in the city of Pittsburgh due to the G-20 Summit, Simon and I enjoyed a nice cook out, taking advantage of his half day of school while Isaac passed out in bed due to breast milk coma.
That is one thing I never understood about protesters and demonstrators. Come on, does throwing poop at the cops and rolling rubbish bins towards them get what you want? There must be a better way to get your message across. I remember when I used to work at Immigration Customs Enforcement in DC, there were these protesters standing outside complaining about our immigration laws and how they're too strict. "If food is allowed to cross the border, why can't people?", that was their complaint. Does that make any sense???? I still can't believe they made such a comparison.
I wanted to venture out to downtown Pittsburgh to try to catch a glimpse of Obama, but then I realized that for the past 2 years I lived in the DC area, worked literally right next to the White House and never felt an inkling to go see the president, why all of a sudden now?
Anyways, the burgers Simon grilled turned out thick and juicy....yummmm


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