Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glutinous Red Bean Pumpkins

I wanted to make these as part of our Halloween festivities, but as you can see I'm a procrastinator and didn't get to them until now. Anyways, pumpkins was always something I associated with carving, but never actually eating them. Recently I've grown very fond towards eating Japanese pumpkins, not only are they healthy for you, but the yam like texture and the natural sweetness of it makes them quite addicting. Draw back? Try cutting one of these suckers open, takes some mad muscles.

Last week, I smelled something rotting around our house when I discovered 2 of the 4 Japanese pumpkins had completed rotted in our cabinet. It was the nastiest thing to discover and not a pretty site. That definitely motivated me to cut open the other 2 and steam them before they go to waste (I had to delegate the cutting job to DH since I almost killed myself trying to cut them open).

These little red bean pumpkins was so much fun to make. You can add as much red bean as you want. I think it tastes better with lots of red bean paste, but it makes it harder to wrap. For the pan fried ones, I recommend flattening them out as much as possible. This makes frying easier since the oil soaks in faster.

300g pumpkin
150g-165g glutinous rice flour
35g-45g sugar
1/2 can of red bean paste
cloves (to act as pumpkin stalk for the steamed ones)

1. Steam pumpkin until cooked (I used mashed canned pumpkin to save the hassle)
2. Mash pumpkin with sugar until well blended
3. Kneed in glutinous rice flour
4. Divide dough into 35g-50g pieces and wrap 1 teaspoon of red bean paste in it.
5. For pan-fried ones, flatten into round disc, brush surface with water, coat with sesame seeds.
pan fry until golden brown at medium low heat.
6. For steamed ones, shape into pumpkin, stick the cloves on top of pumpkin to act as the stalk and steam on high for 10 minutes.


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