Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beef Negimaki

I never thought that scallions wrapped in thin slices of beef with Teriyaki sauce could taste so good. The taste is incredibly juicy, tender and full of flavor. I had Beef Negimaki for the first time at my friend Lynn's family restaurant. Some people put asparagus in it, but I like the idea of just having 3 ingredients. I found a relatively easy recipe on food network, improvised it a bit and decided to give it a shot. I thought it turned out ok, didn't blow me away. Here are some tips that I feel would make it much better: 
1. Make sure to use really thin slices of beef, preferably like the eye of round steak in pho restaurants. I didn't have that so I used USDA Beef Round Up Thin Sandwich Steak which in my opinion was too thick. 
2. Roll the thin slices of beef around the scallions just enough so the beef won't fall out (best to roll it one time around). You want to easily bite into the beef. Over rolling it will make it kind of tough to bite into.
3. Stir fry some scallions with teriyaki sauce and drip it on top of the final product to give it a more presentable look.


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