Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I woke up this morning to chocolate chip pancakes, fresh fruit, and coffee made by my thoughtful and wonderful husband.

Today Hubby and I stayed home and didn't go to church because DS still has a fever and is feeling very blah, poor thing only wants to stay in his crib :( We tuned into Mclean Bible's internet campus and listened to Lon Solomon speak. What a treat! Lon Solomon, hands down is my favorite speaker. He totally captivates me every single time. I don't zone out, fall asleep, or start planning out what to eat for lunch. 90% of the time I am doing one of the 3 things during Sunday sermons.

Mother's day got me thinking a lot. I grew up being told to "appreciate your parents", "Their sacrifice for you is beyond what you could ever pay back", "You won't really appreciate your parents until you've had your own kids", etc. etc. I'm not disagreeing with any of that, in fact Amen to all of it......but I do feel there is another side.

After becoming a mother, I've learned what a special privilege it truly is. To me, its not a sacrifice at all, rather an honor I don't deserve. I am so thankful that God has entrusted one of his precious little ones into my hands.
When we look at our child as a gift from above rather than the product of sex, our attitude towards them changes dramatically. I don't expect anything in return from DS, really I don't! After all, God never did when he created us.

Lon Solomon reminded me this morning that my son is a sacred trust that God has directly given to me and I must treat him softly, gently, lovingly and with respect. God designed him for me and me for him. I want to raise DS up directly in the path of the Lord by deliberately and intentionally cultivating his spiritual life just like what Hannah did. Why? Its the only successful way of parenting. The world tells us that raising children does not mean you have to sacrifice your career, time, life style, car, clothing, etc etc. When push comes to shove, something's gotta give. You either sacrifice for your children - or you sacrifice your children. 

...on the lighter note, as you can see below, DS was trying to wish me a VERY Happy Mother's Day and tell me how much he loves me :D


joyce said...

aww haha.. what a sweet way to celebrate mother's day! (well besides throwing up part :p) DS - get well soon!

Melanie said...

aww.. haha.. too cute! happy mother's day!! =)

hyeri said...

hey. jenny is this your blog? the food looks amazzzzing :)

Bel said...

happy first mother's day! like this blog=).

bearwithmeee said...

Thank you!!!

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