Monday, May 10, 2010

Night Out at Enrico's

May26,2010 UPDATE: Hubby and I went back to Enrico's yesterday and each ordered muscles as our meal because we were so impressed by them on Mother's day. Unfortunately, we were so disappointed. The muscles were definitely not fresh, you can tell by the discoloration and the fishy taste. There were also green guey stuff coming out of them. I kept thinking to myself "do muscles always have this green guey stuff? If they do, how come I just noticed it now, but was never disgusted by it before?" After about 5 muscles, I just couldn't put another one down my system. Hubby maybe ate half of his plate and refused to eat anymore either. We did find out from the waitress that the chef was indeed different on mother's day. Nonetheless that doesn't explain the rotten fishy taste in the muscles. On the bright side, the service was good and waitress was super nice. She took it off of our bill even after we insisted many times that she didn't have to do that. Would I go back? Eh, I think one bad experience is enough for me. 

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Our friends Joe and Lisa babysat for us last night so we could once again experience what it feels like to have peace. We really forget at times that eating out was once a relaxing experience. 

Hubby made dinner reservations at Enrico's in Shadyside. I didn't go in with very high expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. We started out with 2 glasses of white wine and muscles as our appetizer. The muscles were delicious!! We both ordered pasta for our main course along with a bottle of Chianti and ended our meal with Tiramisu in a wine glass. Totally loved the Gnocchi I ordered, but would rather have walked down a block to Crazy Mocha for their Tiramisu. Overall, very enjoyable experience!! We'll definitely be revisiting the place when the weather is warmer. 


Anonymous said... have a great husband. I wish mine would do that :-(

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