Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spiced Vegan Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies

Did you know that eggs are not considered dairy? I guess you would never know unless you were either very educated or very allergic to them. I've had the hardest time finding sweets not containing milk and eggs. Even the gluten free pastry shop near our neighborhood did not offer any pastries that were eggless. I finally figured out that these kinds of cookies are called "Vegan". Believe it or not, they are unbelievably good. Finally a cookie my son can eat!


Kathryn said...

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Anonymous said...

Why on Earth would you ever think eggs would be considered dairy?

Anonymous said...

To the annoying anon, a lot of people allergic to dairy? Are also allergic to eggs. Just a small fun fact.

Anonymous said...

When I first went vegan my dad, who would buy me things labeled "dairy free" without meticulously checking ingredients, also got me a number of products which had eggs in them while thinking they were vegan-safe. He still does, a year and a half later. I now know to check ALL ingredients and not assume anything. Just to help back you up against Anon #1, this isn't an uncommon thing to happen.

Kathy said...

Beautiful photography, I love it :]

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